About Gambo

Name: Gambo Ekibondo

Date of Birth: 16.12.2006

Dame: Eliah Hanáček (Int, Cze, Slo, Club Champion)

Sire: Hanishan Pure Gold

Breeder: Miroslava Miklišová

Color: redwhite

Weight: 11,3 kg – 25 pounds

Stud: stud male


Fanconi: clear - normal

Eyes: PRA + PPM negativ, tested 8th September 2011.

Hips: DKK 0/0 = A

Show Results: 2×CAJC, 21×CAC + 2×CACL+3×CACA, 2×res.CAC + 1xres.CACA, 10×CACIB, 5×res.CACIB, 2× NV, 

10×BOB, 1×BIG 1, 2xBIG 2, 1xBIG 3, 3×BIG 4, 1xBIG 5.


Czech Junior Champion

Club Champion

Hungarian Champion

Czech Champion

Luxembourg Champion

Slovak Champion

Slovak Grandchampion


Czech Grandchampion

Croatian Champion

Austrian Champion

Dog race champion Czech republic

Animal Muster Code: 00000010010000

Sport: Dog Racing and Coursing Licence

Club coursing champion

Dog racing winner 2008 and 2011, Club dog racing winner 2008, 2010 and 2011

Czech champion short track 2010, 2011, Bohemian champion 2010, 2011

Coursing winner 2009, Club coursing winner 2009

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