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There will be a second official annual basenji "Birthday" race held during a controlled training at the racing oval in Kolín on 27th October 2012. Last year there was a first race which ended up great - not only racing but also a celebration bubbles and a cake :)

According to the number of attendands there will be one, two, three... heats (males, females, mix?) and then their final runs. A part of the "Birthday" run will be a celebration of fourth year anniversary of Gambo forum, announcement of winners and prizes for all participants.

Who can participate?

Any enthusiastic basenji! No big experience is needed, you can let your dog run from your hands and just pass through the boxes. When running with others however a race muzzle is requiered. Less experienced basenjis can run the solo run.

Why should you attend?

It's an excellent opportunity to test the track and everything related to racing. A lot of basenjis attending. Relaxed atmosphere, friendly and courteous service, excellent food. We have orded an Indian Summer weather.

When the event takes place and how to apply?

Controlled training is held on Saturday 27th October from 11 am. You don't need to register in advance just come in time. If you would like to let your basenji race within the "Birthday" run we would appreciate if you would let us know in advanced either in basenji Gambo forum or by emailing Míla, so that we can prepare the races accordingly and nevertheless the prizes. Before going to the training please make sure you check the track website if the training was not canceled. Price of one run is 140 CZK, short run (for young dog) is 60 CZK.


Race oval Kolín which is here.

GPS: 50°2'50.989"N, 15°11'4.977"E

Entered dogs so far:

Junior male

  1. Amigo Kwaku Maybe Dog
  2. Kwame Ekibondo
  3. Dhahabu Salasirian - Speedy
  4. Eboko Kiambu Lady Congo
  5. Ashwar Kasongo Shattani
  6. Amir
  7. Fly With Style Afrikata
  8. Khamisi Hanáček

Junior female

  1. Aisha
  2. Amaya Akua Maybe Dog
  3. Kamili Hanáček
  4. Alla Saidy Habibi

Non-profi male

  1. Faro Old Legend's
  2. Zahleka Zanzkrit - Masai
  3. Aramis Adenike Belongo

Non-profi female

  1. Jua Hanáček - Julča
  2. Ashanti Bakwe Abitibi - Shantička
  3. Bowa Wonga Ewo
  4. Agata Beauty Soul
  5. Kimulimuli Bena Makima

Profi male

  1. Dungu Wabu Asthenia - Čenda
  2. Gambo Ekibondo
  3. Ayo Sunny Fellow
  4. Irongo Hanáček
  5. Ankan Ningen Banken

Profi female - track

  1. Amanita Pantherina TTT - Teri
  2. Bogbonga Kasai Abitibi - Nibi
  3. Energy Endless Love Lis Glamur - Ený
  4. Haya Ekibondo
  5. Akinyi Rouqe-Queue - Remy

Profi female - coursing

  1. Jackie Hanáček
  2. Daboya Kwilu Lady Congo
  3. Cayamba Mayoko Lady Congo
  4. Isoké Hanáček

Senior female

  1. Fable Hanáček
  2. Gemi Hanáček Wenet - Džesika
  3. Haiya Bena Makima
BASP - Basenji Sport

Deadline of the entry is until the race start :)


IT assistance DG DogGear

Autodíly Novotný Samolepky na zeď Fincentrum


If you want to join the sponzors, contact Míla or Ivana.

Results of Annual raceh 2011 arehere.